A Christmas story for a new generation.

This is the story of Kristofer Kringle Claus XV, the third and youngest son born to Santa Claus. Growing up in the North Pole, surrounded by candy, cookies and toys, one might think "Krissy" was a spoiled child. Not so, dear reader, not so. There were twin older brothers to deal with, allergies to overcome, and torments to endure from his enemies...the elves! Yet somehow, Krissy Claus - along with his part shaggy dog-part abominable snowman pal, Snowflake - survived to tell this tale. This is his story of triumph, his story of hope, his story of what it was like...growing up Claus.


The Godfather


Corina Marie Zurcher is the author of the children's Christmas book Growing Up Claus, and the Christmas book Snow Falls. She has also written two fantasy series that include the books Legacy, Nobility, Archangels and The Father of Lights. Corina is an actress, screenwriter, producer and public speaker. For more information, visit: www.corinamariezurcher.com.


For more information on her books, visit: www.nevermorepublications.com.


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